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Default How to make Pasta from scratch in 5 minutes

Here’s something I tried with Black Aztec corn I’d ground down into a flour. I didn’t have a lot…. the mice got to my corn stash but I did have enough to experiment with. My pasta looked really pretty and you could tell it woulda made a fantastic blue tortilla chip but…. not so good for making noodles so the next time I try this…. I’ll use flour that’s finer. Btw…. it really is as simple as he says it is making your own noodles from scratch. 100 grams of flour will vary because of humidity and the type of flour you’re using but since I’m too lazy pulling out the scale…. I’d just start with about 2/3 C of a flour and a semolina mix. You’ll be adding flour as you go anyway. If you don’t have a pasta roller…. just kneed your dough by hand. And…. if you’re doing this in summer when the humidity is high…. you might want to let your noodles dry out for about a half hour or so.
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