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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post

It still includes all 12...Dapjwys January and NeWisc's February's entries does it not?
I wasn't able to find the original of my January entry, so it has been switched out (the quality was not good enough), but as far as I know, NEWisc's now will grace February of 2014 (the last page of the calendar...I'm guessing).

Perhaps this link would help? T-Shirts - Custom T-Shirts - Shirt Screen Printers - Design Online at CustomInk


Thanks, I opened your link, but will have to play around with it another time.

Originally Posted by havalotta View Post

Then again I noticed anothers other seems to know how. Braiiiiiiins to pick???
Oh no! Now you've done might just get your "Little Miss Trouble" avatar swapped out after all!

(I'm still waiting for an answer over in that thread.)
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