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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
Acorns..... they've all dropped months ago. It's just the way it goes with acorns. Female cones... that's mostly what's left.... contain the seeds. Animals that eat that seed to survive will be whittling away at our kodak moments. The other thing is.... female cones are usually... not always.... higher up in trees than male cones. That could make taking photos tough.
I really think this contest would be better later in the year even if stored photos are allowed and with or without a prize for it. If it were me.... and it's not... I'd run with October 15 through January 15 just because this is for acorns AND pinecones. Running with 90 days starting next fall would give willo plenty of time to research and buy that new camera she wanted and it'd give the rest of us time to start looking around and I dunno about you but... brrrrrr.... it's 4 by me right now.... I begrudge having to walk dogs at this time of year!!!
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