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I dry a lot.
Not big time to sell - which I am not sure who you would sell it too. Marketing has always been my problem.
But I have experimented and it amazes me how much that does well with just hanging upside down.
They dry in my barn hanging in the loft (just to dry - not to store - too dusty) They dry in our metal building - they dry will hanging in my basement (I do have a dehumidifier down there though).
I dried so many esp the lavender that I ran out of room and - well it burns really well!
I see I am building up my supply of burnables again.
Although I am going to see if I can sign up for the farmer's market. I thought I would raise tomatoes this summer and try to get rid of my gourd baskets and a few of the dried flowers?

Oh, and I also raise a bunch of those huge Dill pumpkins every year - I thought I might try to sell those.

Does anyone know about farmer's markets, and how they work?
I know nothing.
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