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Our whole county is no discharge.... I keep wishing other states would give licenses away for FREE for just 1 year. We don't round up the geese around here either.... I wish they would.... plenty of food pantries that could use the meat but.... they don't. I didn't know they tasted like crap.... bummer. No way to mask the taste in a soup or stew?
Soup or stew may be a good option though I'm not familiar with any recipies. I've heard some guys say they grind all the meat and make jerky but I have not tried any as of yet. Surprisingly a lot of waterfowl hunters don't like the taste of duck or goose because it's hard to cook the right way. I was watching Toni Bourdain hunting ducks with some fellows down in Arkansas or Missouri and they said they tried 100 different ways to cook duck but it still tasted awful. Well Toni being a chef just pan seared the breasts and sliced it on the byass and the duck hunters went bananas over it. Culinary ignorance is a big reason game meat isn't eaten any more.
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