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snag2 I bought a wood chipper

It's used but looks like new, Of course the new ones have plastic chutes, Mines all metal and might be a few model years old.
It's nice to have a brush-pile turn to mulch and then put it away for the next project.
After I chipped up the Norway Maples It opened the door for a gust of wind to snap the limb of the Box Elder, While trimming up the limb I did see Carpenter Ants; If you ever see these big black ants climbing your trees or house for that matter do some detective work and find the moist wood.

Lucky for my car the limb that broke was opposite the car and landed on the Arborvitae hedge; They are flexible and should bounce back soon.
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Prairie Plants
First year they sleep
Second year they creep
Third year they leap; So plant some today
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