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Congratulations on your skipper, Alex. I can sense your excitement.
Originally Posted by GonativeAlex View Post
What are the chances there is a breeding population of theses skippers in my area?( inner city). The host plant gets big, like 10 feet big, so is it worthwhile or was it the skipper just a passerby.
I really don't know much about them, but, if they come through your yard and find a host plant, I'm assuming you have a good chance that they'd use it. I'd only hope that there are enough nectar sources for when they become adults...but I'm sure you are doing your best to provide them.

Originally Posted by GonativeAlex View Post

Another plant I'd like to try is American poke weed in the shadier haunts to hopefully draw in more then just house sparrows.
I will tell you that I do grow pokeweed and am happy to have it...there are many others on here who seem to have a problem with it in. A garden setting. That is something to think about. Do you have a "wild" area in which to let it grow?
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