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I understand the TOS here, and it's not the same thing I was objecting to elsewhere (not a garden-related site, btw). They reposted on a different sever, and they licensed content from that server to paying customers, both online and print. Not that there would have to be money involved to make the copyright violations illegal, but it did make me madder than I would have been. That and they had no mention of reserving any rights to themselves at all in their TOS. Thing is, it was a little bitty piece of writing that I probably would have let them use if they'd just asked. Which I told them.

There's a difference between rearranging posts within a forum and publishing material one doesn't hold the rights to, even in this medium.

A decent TOS covers all that, wherever the rights will reside, and that way people can decide whether or not to join up, which is what I did on that other site; they just tried to steal rights not mentioned in their TOS and were unhappy when I objected (in private correspondence).

I think the TOS here are entirely respectful of authors and are appropriate.
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