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My spouse is from south India, where coconut is used in everything (as coconut trees are the native tree and grow everywhere!). Coconut milk, fresh coconut pieces, and coconut oil are used every day in their food. It is also used in women's hair, and it is used as a lotion. (I definitely advocate it's use as a skin-healing wonder! In winter my skin gets SO dry, coconut oil is marvelous in this way. )

I am familiar with the arguments for and against. I tend to think that it is a good oil to use. We mostly use olive oil in our house, but occasionally I will use coconut oil & the slight scent of it is heavenly. It is frustrating that there are so many fads. That makes it difficult to know the truth about any food substance. for example, what about Palm Oil? That used to be the wonder oil, now apparently it is very bad??? And also canola oil.

Anyway, I don't know, I'm not helping you much here. There are people in India who have used coconut oil, and only coconut oil, all their lives, and they live to be in their 100's (my husband's great-aunt was one example). But their are those in India with high-cholesterol, too, just as here. Who's to say? Hope someone else is able to offer more information for you! Sorry I am not much help!
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