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Well, I'm trying potatoes in bags again, but never have had much luck with that. Just put in some grapes on the south wall, hoping to cut down on sun exposure there and to jumpstart the grapes.

In addition to corn & beans, trying to grow cucumber and beans on the same tripod.

Another thing that climbs well is muskmelon (canteloupe).

I made zuchinni chips last year, much like you would make potatoe puffs; slicing thin, broiling on a cookie sheet with a little olive oil and rosemary. My boys loved them.

I have sunflowers and cosmos between the north/south rows of asparagus, but you could easily do chard or some other leafy instead, maybe even onions.

Sequencing isn't something I've gotten the hang of, yet; I just keep making it bigger, interplant carrots, radishes, etc until the larger plants get larger, much as the author suggested to do.

I do appreciate that she stressed the importance of mulch. I wonder how many potential gardeners were turned off by the "dust mulching" method?
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