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Default Oak die-off

The biggest tree on my property, a majestic white oak, has recently started having several large branches suddenly dry up and die. About 40% of the tree is affected now. It is very heart breaking seeing this.
As I drive around here in Virginia, I'm noticing a lot of large oaks suddenly dry up and die like this. I emailed a master naturalists group I'm apart of, and nobody seems to have a clear idea what is going on besides our fluky weather.
Do any of you have any ideas about what could be afflicting oak trees all of a sudden like this? Also, what steps should I take if there is any hope of saving my tree.
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The Sudden Oak Death pathogen has been found in Ohio--not sure if it is in Virginia or not, but your state DNR might know. https://www.indystar.com/story/news/...as/1262141001/
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This is heartbreaking.
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Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
This is heartbreaking.
It sure is. I feel like I'm observing the end of life as we've known it. Species after species in serious trouble and the great majority of people are not even aware of what they are losing and the ramifications involved...
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dieoff, oak

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