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One way would be to not extend the legs at all. That gets you down pretty close.

One user states: "The legs have a release that allows them to spread wider for those low to the ground shots. When you try to do this you will find that the center post will hit the ground first. I removed a section of the center post (I never plan on using it extended anyway) and that allowed the tripod to get a lot closer to the ground. If you remove the rubber stop at the end of the center post you will find a hex wrench attached to it. This is handy for removing the extension on the center post." (Outdoor Photography - Equipment Reviews - Bogen 3021 Tripod) EDIT: Many people saw off the center post for this purpose, or sometimes you can find a replacement center post that's a shortie.

Another reviewer says: "
The elevator and head can be removed from the top and put in from the bottom for table top micro photography." (3021 Tripod Legs - Photography Equipment Review at BetterPhoto.com)

Yet another reviewer says: "
Or you can do ground level shots also by mounting the center post upside down."

You should make sure the one for sale comes with some sort of head (ball head preferably, or pan head if you must) ... the 3021 itself is often just sold as the tripod legs.

EDIT: By the way, I have read that even though the 3021 is no longer made, all the parts are replaceable. This would make it a tripod for the rest of one's life. The only reason people replace them, generally, is to go with either a sturdier model for super telephoto lenses, or a lighter carbon fiber model for easier transport (e.g., backpacking).

If you have a good local camera store, you might be able to see a 3021 and try out the different adjustments to see if it will work for you.
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The Velbon Ultra Maxi and Ultra Luxi tripods go down low without having to do any modifications to them, the Ultra maxi down to 6.5" at it's lowest. Here's a photo of my camera on an Ultra Maxi-F, discontinued now, but the Ultra Maxi L or M are essentially the same tripod, different color.

Mini tripods?-ultra-maxi-f-p1020655.jpg

Click here for an album of some of my nature photos.
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mini, tripods

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