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Thanks, Equilibrium and Lorax! That worked! Finally...I really, really appreciate the help, especially since one online site actually said that SuperMacro WON'T work in P. Oy!

Love the photos, Equilibrium, especially the last one. Gorgeous! What flower is the bee on?

I've had trouble getting the regular macro to focus--I realize it doesn't work if you go into the yellow area on the telephoto bar, but there doesn't seem to be much focusing going on even when it's *not* in the yellow. Any tips? Maybe I need to back up?
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Ohhhhh, Mr Bumble is on a fantastic native plant that monarch butterflies love too. I don't know if you garden or not but if you do and if you're into bug magnet plants that will bring em in for you to take photos of..... this plant is one you'd want to add. It's called a Swamp Milkweed. The scientific name of the plant is Asclepias incarnata. I love them and the color is always pretty consistent as long as you don't buy a cultivar. I have about 15 or so of them and the more you plant.... the more butterflies come to nectar and bees definitely love them too. A coupla years ago I had big fat monarch caterpillars on mine. They're always fun to take photos of. Here's the profile for this native beauty, PLANTS Profile for Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) | USDA PLANTS. I've got lots of photos of these plants. I can't help you with the focusing. I honestly didn't even know if made a sound when it went into supermacro. For the focusing I just hold down the button a little bit before clicking and then cross my fingers. That's pretty much what I do since it's always so darn bright outside I couldn't see a yellow area. On days when the lighting is right and the camera's display isn't in direct sun I know I can sometimes see a little square like the nationwide insurance square and that turns to green when it's in focus if that helps any. Problem is I can't always see when the box turns green. Show me some sample photos of bugs you've taken and maybe I can figure out what you're saying. And ya..... you should back everything up all the time. You can get viruses and all kinds of crap online and even brand new hardware can be defective which could cost you all your photos if you're not backed up.
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