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Equilibrium 09-23-2012 01:29 PM

Ya.... I know. My problem is I don't know what's in some threads before I open em and if I'm using the dial up and find a surprise.... it's hard remembering the thread so I can go back when the hi-speed's back working again. I miss more goodies because of that. They did move the main box from the end of the T intersection where drunks were driving straight into it and knocking out our service so that's helped. Trouble is they moved it over into the northwest corner where there's a cluster of black locust trees so now we have problems every time the roots grow into it. If they'd just stop trimming those locusts and stump treat em with a chemical they'd kill em and we'd have a lot less problems with mice and wasps and water getting in the unit that corrupt our cards. This year outages have been more intense though.... they started a big road widening project. Why.... I don't know. We don't have the traffic to warrant that kind of an imrpovement.

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