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dapjwy 05-15-2016 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by wildwatcher (Post 156089)
Hi dapjwy:hi, well those weeds can be beneficial to a compost pile, or just dig them out and let them lay, they make decent mulch...sometimes the trick is to get them before they get too big...

Smile. I hear ha... I know what I am *supposed to* do--I'm just not doing it! :(

It is getting a bit late for me to get them while they are still small..but with the rains we've been getting, it might still be easy enough.

I'm all for composting...but I do it the lazy man's way.


Originally Posted by wildwatcher (Post 156089)
I've already had a couple spinach salads and romaine too, and gave some away yesterday....so about a month & a half from sowing the seed.:happydance


Good for you! :)

I'm happy for you...and just a *little* jealous. :)

wildwatcher 05-15-2016 12:17 PM

oh well ...so much for bok choy
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...mine bolted last week, and the base of the things never got thick, like the ones shown on the internet, it was just some free seed experiment.:hiAttachment 43929

But the romaine & spinach are doing well, I'll probably have to start harvesting it in earnest in a few more days.

I just planted some carrot seed next to the bok choy, again 'free seed' ...so maybe this year I'll get some carrots. Today I also thru in some 'chives' seed in a little spot over by wild onion spot...haha


ps. see that shovel over there...and a little tree coming up, I think it is one of the paw paw seeds that sprouted (I collected a few last fall on my place), and...I planted some 'green pecans' in the same row, as soon as they fell off the tree last year (I collected them around town), and even tho they haven't broken the heavy mulch surface like the paw paw did, I did find 2 sprouting roots & stems! (with a little digging around)~~~~so I'm looking forward to these little trees, the squirrels got in there several times during the winter, and I'm hoping they didn't wreck too many of the pecans I planted last fall, but I know they got some of them.

wildwatcher 05-24-2016 11:10 PM

Well I gave away 10 bags of spinach...
...last week. And I think 5 more bags tomorrow, + 5 bags of romaine (a bag is a gallon zip bag).

Big rain this evening, high of 80F tomorrow 70 low.:) If my tomato seeds don't get with it pretty quick, I'll have to buy some plants I guess. Cucumbers are trying, first blooms today, and potatoes first bloomed today also.

I've tried a trick with my romaine lettuce last week,---now this might sound like 'plant torture'...but I took some long grass stems, and I tied each head--gathered up somewhat--, hoping the wind, and the varmits will quit breaking the side leaves off the plants...so far, it seems to be helping to stop side leaf breakage. Maybe I'll get those neat romaine heads like in the store big fat ones...only without the rubber band.:crazy1

Oh and my cute little paw paw seedling...somebody ate it.:blankstare


jack 05-26-2016 08:33 AM

For the first time in many years I decided to buy plants rather than start them from seed. I had found that too often the plants came up at a time when I was busy and I didn't thin them as I should have, and at other times, weed seeds were sprouting at the same time as what I planted, and it was a chaotic mess.

With purchasing the plants already started, I find that I'm better able to space the plants as I like them to be, although the variety of plants are much more limited. This year I'm trying red sweet peppers once again, but this year I was able to get the plants into the ground and organically fertilized much earlier, so I'm hoping for more than the occasional late (very late) small, ripe pepper...

Also planted kale, red cabbage, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, swiss chard, basil, and parsley.

linrose 05-26-2016 10:57 AM

I love hearing about everyone's vegetable gardens, no such garden for us as we have no sun to speak of but I'm still planting herbs in pots to grow on the deck. Dill, parsley, lemon thyme, oregano and basil. Our farmer's market pretty much keeps us in veggies all season. We're still eating asparagus and spinach.

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