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Default Clay pots for growing vegetables

I've been reading of gardeners asking if it's ok to grow veggies in clay pots. I noticed one clay pot for sale at a garden center labeled as being made in the US and being safe for growing food. Has anyone seen any pots labeled as not being safe for growing food?
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Do they still use lead-based glazes on decorated pottery? That's the only thing I can think of that might pose a problem. I've never seen one labeled as unsafe for food, but I can't say I've looked, either.
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I'm not finding any articles about clay pots being unsafe to grow veggies in - but I am finding references to clay pots not being safe to COOK veggies in. I'm not sure what that means.
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Puff pastries laden with veggies are out in clay pots? Tell me it isn't so!

Are any of these importated from China? I bet that's it. They're not using food safe glazes on the vases. I see those clay pots that are glazed in assorted party colors below the rim.
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