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I grew Packman this year, and I was a bit unimpressed on the size of the heads I got. Maybe 6 inches across on the best ones. It grew fast and well, but I may have not had enough compost in the soil to really let it thrive.

The side shoots were kinda nice, but it didn't give me enough to be worth while. So I composted them after 2 weeks after cutting the heads off. They also tried to bolt fast, one day it seemed like I had a week or better left, and then all the sudden the greens started getting some yellow and separating. One actually had a flower pop up on it, still cooked up well.

Don't think my pumpkin plant would let my broccoli stay in the garden for another 2 weeks anyway.

I think I might try that Acadia next year. I've heard really good things about it from others who have grown it.
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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
by the time I could harvest it.... it was flowering.
You do know you can still eat them if they're flowering, right? That won't help you much if you have a ton of it that needs to be "put up".
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Ummm... I didn't know that. Too late. The chickens got what started flowering last month. I did get to put up plenty of broccoli so it's no big loss.
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