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mouse A better mousetrap review

Last year I bought a few of the new "Catch a Mouse" traps by GreenBottleUSA to try to relocate the occasional mouse (field/forest/deer?) that seeks shelter in our house in the winter.

In past years I've tried other humane mousetraps:
1) The Tin Cat.... Works but is too bulky, icky, the clear plastic window warps, and the mice hide under the metal areas.
2) The gray plastic tip traps by Victor.... Not transparent, very icky, misses the mouse often, plus the mice get all damp and panicked.

In contrast, this new mousetrap is *perfect*.
Clean, easy, transparent, doesn't stress the mice, and it works (just one quickly caught both mice I heard this winter). And the icky part is disposable if needed.

EcoPest Control
From their website:
Simply reuse an empty plastic water or soda bottle, put some peanuts or peanut butter inside the bottle as bait and attach the cheese entrance. Mice go into the cheese entry and can't get out of the bottle.

Once inside, it seems they feel comfortable and safe. They nibble on the bait and become relaxed — they often even fall to sleep. Once you've caught the mouse, you can take it away from your home and back to its outdoor environment.

To release mice, rotate the trap upside down and off they scamper, avoiding the "ick" factor of having to actually touch or risk getting too close to the rodents. Another plus, you're being green. Studies show that Americans throw away more than 60 million plastic bottles a day. Catch A Mouse gives those bottles, and mice, a second chance.
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A good find and review. Thanks, Calliandra.
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Yes, thank you.

Being in the country, we are starting to get critters in the house--I don't want to use the traditional traps...this seems like an interesting option.
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Old 03-26-2011, 12:14 PM   #4
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I'm just really happy I found this-- finally, a decent and zero-ick option.

To release the critters I remove the "cheese" top altogether. I pile some leaves over the plastic bottle in an out-of-the-way area, then pick up the empty bottle on my walk the next day. Couldn't be easier.
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And such a CATCHY little tune to boot!
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