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Equilibrium 02-09-2013 02:24 AM

Anyone wanna talk knives…. I’ve got quite the collection going… a collection is technically 3 or more so don’t get overly impressed especially since 2 of my knives are pocket knives and 2 of my favorites were gifts…. and…. I’m learning how to use them!!! I can take some photos of the knives I’ve got on Sunday if anyone’s interested but…. I’d love to see photos of favorite knives other people have and I’d love to know they’re used!!!! And…. if you bought a dudd…. I’d love knowing about that too…. I’ve got a beet knife that ended up being a dudd. Oh oh oh…. if there’s a knife out there you lust for…. tell me what it is!!! If somebody knows of any quality YouTubes that show different knives and how to use them properly… that’s be great too. I did learn how to sharpen knives properly. I’m still getting the hang of that…. it’s wasn’t as easy as it looked.
Oh oh oh…. if anyone’s got a lust list of knives…. I’d love knowing what’s on your list and why!!!

biigblueyes 02-09-2013 07:14 AM

Does that mean you've tried out the knife with the gut hook?

hazelnut 02-09-2013 09:43 AM

You could get along very well with just one knife (that is if you were vegetarian): the chinese cai dao vegetable knife. For chopping meat you would need a heavier meat chopping knife.

2. More about the chinese vegetable knife. http://www.thekitchn.com/the-only-kn...-the-mu-127724

The only problem with owning a chinese vegetable cleaver is to keep it away from the men in your life. Invariably they will think it is a meat cleaver and borrow it chop through metal or something else they may be working on. Chopping bone with the vegetable knife will damage it and make it useless for the intricate chopping/cutting you can do with this blade.

With mine I quarter the unpeeled onions, and then scrape off the skin with the blade, and then mince as shown . You don't need to peel the onion first. The skin will come off more easily after the onion is cut in quarters. You do really only need one knife!

How to cut vegetables with a chinese knife:

Sage 02-09-2013 09:52 AM

Maggy, Eeeeeeeeyyyewwwwww! :yuck

If you show me yours, I'll show you mine! :crazy1.

Mine are kitchen knives, all different. I'm teaching roger they do NOT go in the dishwasher! And the big, weapon type with Chinese on the handles is made of carbon steel and i got in Chinatown, NYC. I used to cut up all the veggies with it, fast!

hazelnut 02-09-2013 10:13 AM

If you really want a drawer full of knives, how about the Swiss Kuhn Rikon. A different color for every purpose!

Kuhn Rikon Knives

biigblueyes 02-09-2013 09:30 PM

I've heard about those with the colored blade. They're supposed to be super-sharp. They're cute!

hazelnut 02-10-2013 07:59 AM

Sontaku -- Japanese chef's knife.

The Epicurean Edge: Japanese and European professional chefs knives

Single bevel - sharpened on one side only. Pricey!

recurve 02-10-2013 08:42 AM

Forget about sharpening knives ever again! Havalon knives best thing since the knife that sliced the bread!

Replaceable blade skinning knives and fillet knives by Havalon Knives

liquidambar 02-10-2013 12:13 PM

Fillet knives is what I have.
Did you know if you go to the kitchen section in Wal Mart there is not a decent knife to be had?

All the good knives are in the sporting goods section!
Think about that one-----------------------

Who using a knife the most in the family?

The cook!

Equilibrium 02-10-2013 01:05 PM

3 Attachment(s)
The 1st photo is of some of my favorite kitchen knives. They range in price from free to costly. The 1st knife I got off of eBay for like $15 plus shipping. It’s a great knife….about 100 yrs old according to the marks on it….. holds an edge well and I use it all the time. From what I’ve learned…. what I paid for it was a steal. I couldn’t replace that knife unless I wanted to cough up at least $300. Uh huh…. it’s an LF&C Universal 12.5” cleaver. The 2nd 2 knives… a paring and a tomato knife…. are Rada knives…. very cheap…. probably around $5 each. Fantastic knives…. I bought more…. I grow a lot of tomatoes and a knife that slices tomatoes well that’s cheap is worth its weight in gold. The 4th knife says on the handle it’s a Marietta made in Italy. I got this for free from my uncle when he was teaching me how to carve. It’s got to be at least 40 years old. I use it regularly and this knife has always sharpened up well. The 4th and 5th knives are very old…. probably at least 50 years old…. Chicago Cutlery knives. Either my mom or my MIL gave em to me but coulda been an uncle…. I can’t remember. I became dependent on em and liked em so much I bought 2 more just like em about 10 years ago from Chicago Cutlery and they weren’t cheap and the quality was down…. I ended up giving my “back-ups” away to a nephew who had just gotten his 1st apartment. I remember telling him they weren’t great but they were free and for the amount of times in a year he’d probably need em… they should be fine. My husband brought home a block of Chicago Cutlery knives for me last year and paid a pretty penny for them and they were even poorer quality than the knives I bought the last time that I gave away. He said he bought them because they were on sale and he thought I liked that brand. Oopsie…. “liked”…. past tense. Chicago Cutlery knives have gone waaaaay downhill in quality and up in price. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying them any more… they’re not even close to the quality they used to be. What Chicago Cutlery is selling these days is junk…. they’re still in demand probably because of brand recognition. The last knife in that photo…. is a Cutco. I bought it 30 years ago or so and paid quite a bit for it back then. It’s never been sharpened. I use this knife all the time…. I bought another 1 just like it last summer and I think I paid close to $90. The quality is the same in the new knife I bought as it was back when I bought the original. Well worth the $$$ since I use these in the kitchen…. in the garden and even in the woods. I have 3 other different types of Cutco Knives from years ago and use em for everything…. literally…. even cutting branches off trees and cutting down cardboard too so I can ram it in the recycling bin. The Cutco knives have been used and abused and they kept on ticking.
I’ve got an assortment of miscellaneous special purpose knives that I like that I’d buy again now that I’m learning how to use em. I’ve got Cold Steel, Kershaw, a Leatherman multi-tool, a Winchester, a Bone Crusher (sounds worse than it is but it’s great for taking legs off turkeys and geese) and Old Hickory if anyone wants to see photos of them. Knives are really practical and good knives that fit in my hand well that actually do what they’re supposed to do are getting harder and harder to come by affordably. They sure did make life easier for me soon as I started learning how to use em.
The 2nd photo is of my “dud” knife. It’s a beet knife. It works…. it’s just easier ripping beets out of the ground by hand and cutting off the leaves in the kitchen using a cleaver. I wouldn’t buy another 1. It’s an Old Hickory and wasn’t that expensive but…. I’ve got a hand sickle (sp?) that works better on leafy turnip and beet greens. Doesn't anyone else have any "dud" knives?
biig> my favorite wasn’t that guthook…. I thought it would be but it wasn’t. I had a hard time using it… I did try it and I think I need a smaller guthook that’s more slender for my hand and what I’m using it for. My dad said it would be the right size for large game. I dunno…. I thought about giving it to him…. since he liked the style of it and the feel in his hand. I ended up buying him a different 1 that was similar….. I have a hard time giving up gifts… so hard that I couldn’t even give that 1 that was too big for my hand to my own dad. Who knows…. maybe someday I’ll get to practice on a deer. I originally tried using that guthook on a rabbit somebody was teaching me on and it ended up being easier just reaching in and pulling out everything with my hands. The favorite…. believe it or not…. ended up being the knife you 2 gave me that came in I guess what I’d call a 2 pack sheath. I don’t know what you call this knife but it’s functional and it cleans up real well. I added a photo so maybe you can ask him what it is. I used it when they were teaching me how to butcher a goose too. It’s a great knife. How does your hubby use that knife and what kind of knife is it if he knows? My other favorite was a gift too but it’s a much cheaper knife…. probably made in China. I keep it in my purse… it’s a fast release for lack of a better term. I really should get a good pocket knife for my purse…. 1 of these days since I use that fast release out by the chicken run mostly when I need to cut fishing line that breaks away. Here’s a video on why I wanted it, How to Slaughter, Skin, Gut, and Butcher a Meat Rabbit. Clean and process a rabbit. ****warning**….. that’s a graphic video. I didn’t have a problem watching the video but…. some might. Learning how to butcher turkeys from start to finish is next up for me. I’ve got a guy who’s gonna teach me this summer, Butchering day: turkeys (graphic photo documentary) | Howling Duck Ranch. ***warning*** that 1’s graphic too. Neither is in the league of what you’d see in anything that was factory farming but…. most people are used to their food coming on styrofoam that’s shrink wrapped and don’t make the connection that somebody is killing their food.
hazelnut> There are classes around here on how to use kitchen knives properly. They’re extremely popular and fill up as fast as they offer em…. probably because most in my generation were never taught how to use em properly…. the era of Swanson dinners with a fast food restaurant on every corner and all. I actually know how to use a cleaver…. I was taught by the best…. the Chinese. I was going to buy a cleaver over there but…. I knew I’d have problems getting it home. It was hard enough getting my 50 year old wok home!!! There’s an “art” to chopping and dicing veggies. You wouldn’t think there would be but…. there is. It took me a few months to gain some speed and I still am no where near as fast as the guy in your video. Knock on wood…. I haven’t sliced my knuckles or any fingers off!!! Practice practice practice and… in another 5 years or so…. who knows…. maybe I’ll have a little bit more speed.
That Kansui Suminagashi is niiiiiiiiiiiice and I'm sure it's worth every penny of the $500 price tag but... no can do. Waaaay out of my league.

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