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Equilibrium 06-20-2012 07:52 PM

Kitchen gadgets nobody needs
Ohhh….. somebody broke away from the “consume consume consume” pack, Kitchen gadgets no one needs | Digital Crave - Yahoo!. Pretty wild!!! I agree with everything they said…. almost. I have no use for a banana slicer but I found out I could use the old butter cutter I inherited from somebody that sat in my kitchen tool drawer for eons on strawberries and it cuts them to the perfect thickness for a dehydrator so I’d buy another 1 in a heartbeat. Butter slicers don’t squish strawberries!!! The pressure canner…. Ummm…. these people don’t know what they’re missing growing their own food and learning how to use 1 of those. I can honestly say I couldn’t live without a pressure canner now that I know how to use mine!!! And well….. the wok I brought home with me as a gift…. I know how to use it properly and I’d never live without 1 of those again…. it’d have to be seasoned though and the 1 I was gifted was decades old and well seasoned.
What gadgets do you have hanging around collecting dust that you shoulda never bought?

suunto 06-21-2012 05:58 AM

Remember the turnip twaddler in the comic strip "Bloom County"?

sprucetree 06-21-2012 07:18 AM

I'd have to say my kitchen is pretty Spartan, No Dishwasher; Soapy dish water goes on the compost pile a few steps from the kitchen door or dumped in the toilet bowl when needed. No Disposer and a manual defrost frig/freezer which uses much less kilowatts than the self defrost models.
Manual Can opener and small microwave and many second hand Tupperware and utensils, Most of my forks,spoons and butter knives say made in USA on the handles.
I've broken down and bought a few sets of serrated steak knives but have been disappointed in both. On one set the brass rivets loosen and the other set holds water in the handle; Frustrating when water gets in the drawer so they must dry vertically.
I've got a four place setting of Corell dishes and the rest are a mix of designs going all the way back to the 30's when they gave them away at movie theaters.
My pots and pans are mostly Life-time, A brand from the 70's that are heavy but cook evenly.

Equilibrium 06-21-2012 08:22 AM

"Remember the turnip twaddler in the comic strip "Bloom County"?" Noooo.... but..... I looked it up, Twaddling His Turnips | Flickr - Photo Sharing!. I couldn't help thinking about the beet knife I bought last year, http://www.wildlifegardeners.org/for...712-beets.html. At least I can use it if I'm ever in any dark alleys.
I have a dishwasher. It's good for cleaning canning jars before they go in the stove for an hour or so otherwise it's a really great drying rack!!! Dishwashers are a waste of space in a kitchen IMO. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my dish water into my little composter which is right outside my kitchen window by a few feet. It's close enough I can open the window and pitch food scraps hitting my target but not close enough I could pitch the dishwater and expect it to end up in the composter. My flatware came from a grocery store. It was 1 of those deals where you save up stamps and you get to trade them in for something. They pre-date my marriage. Dishes are Phaltzgraff (sp?)..... they pre-date my marriage too and I can't remember who gave me the set but I keep it going picking up extra plates from garage sales.... the pattern hasn't been popular for at least 25 yrs and we could really care less if we're eating off of "dated" plates or not. The few pieces of corel I had were dropped by the kids and shattered into a gazillion pieces.... man oh man those things like explode if they hit the tile just right. My Tupperware came from relatives..... it's all still good even the lids. I think 95% of what we've got is from before we combined households other than gadgets that need to be replaced a lot like potato peelers and gadgets that just flat out go kaput every 10 years or so like toasters. I did buy a ceramic non-stick frying pan to replace a teflon frying pan that the handle broke off of. Next time a teflon frying pan goes.... I'll buy another ceramic non-stick or maybe another cast iron skillet. Newer gadgets that I actually use would be the pressure canner I bought over 10 yrs ago that I just learned how to use, my dehydrator, my pump n seal, a food mill, a meat grinder, a grain grinder, and some really really really "stupid" stuff (check out suunto's comic strip above) like the Ronco Veg-O-Matic I just had to have for making sweet potato fries where 1 of my knives coulda done just as good of a job if not better and knives are way easier to clean. Ohhh... there was that beet knife too.... how embarrassing. I guess I'm not as bad as most because I regularly use just about everything but if I woulda realized I was going to get into growing some of our own food..... I coulda inherited almost everything I had to buy to put up food except the dehydrator. Hindsight's always 20/20.

havalotta 06-21-2012 08:33 AM

Disposer went to the wayside when we remodeled. I NEVER used the thing. All our veggie and fruit scraps go into a small compost bin .
No electric can opener taking up space in our home, we use a tiny manual one.
Hubby seems to like buying el-cheapo knives.WHY? Every now and then I sneak a few to the boys to free up drawer space.
He doesn't even realize they're missing.

What's in my drawer NOT being used?
One of those four hole thingies you rasp across the surface of carrots, cukes, mellons etc, to either make tiny curly strips for decorating Or for then slicing up a tray of fancy edged cukes radishes and the like.

Then there's the noodle maker. Like I'm going to make and dry my own noodles....
It's like a pizza roller only it has a multitude of blades which cuts lets say a half dozen or so noodles at a time.

The rippled pie edge twirly thingy..It creates perfect ups and downs as it's rolled around the pie rim but a thin edge tend to brown too quick.
I like a good high hand pinched edge on a pie.

A really cool looking, decorative sterling silver accented, bone handled bi-pronged fork that rests upon a swinging leg to keep it from dirtying up the counter top...Cool, but do I ever use it NO!

This is a killer......An egg press. You put the cooked pealed egg into it, give it a few twirls, let it set a while and when released, out comes a square egg. Like I really need that!

BeeWonderful 06-21-2012 08:37 AM


Originally Posted by Equilibrium
It's close enough I can open the window and pitch food scraps hitting my target .

Picturing food scraps coming flying out of a kitchen window ---- gives a good laugh!

Equilibrium 06-21-2012 08:43 AM

I don't have a garbage disposal either. I was always afraid it'd mangle 1 of the kids' hands and that was even before I needed the scraps for my composter. Our frig came with an ice cube maker..... stupid thing. I'll never buy another frig with an ice cube maker. We don't use ice in anything..... sometimes we have friends over who like ice but 1 tray in the freezer is good enough for that and our dogs learned how to push the bar and started chewing ice cubes all over the house so we disconnected it.
"This is a killer......An egg press. You put the cooked pealed egg into it and give it a few twirls, let it set a while and when you release the egg it comes out square. Like I really need that!" OMG..... that's actually worse than the Ronco Veg O Matic I bought!!!

BeeW> My husband used to hum dueling banjoes under his breath while snickering every time he saw me opening up the window so I could pitch food scraps into the composter but now he's so used to me doing it.... he quit.

Hedgerowe 06-21-2012 08:45 AM

Yah know, guys, modern dishwashers use only a couple of gallons of water to wash an entire load of dishes (including Bosch brand). Dish for dish, they use FAR less water than washing dishes by hand. They also use far less hot water, reducing electricity used by the hot water heater (or gas).

Equilibrium 06-21-2012 08:53 AM

I do have a Bosch and it does heat up to over 180F and I know you're right because I've seen the studies but.... I can't get over all the food swishing around in it while it's "cleaning" the dishes we eat off of and besides which.... it pre-washes our plates and then what would our dogs have to do>>>? ;)

Hedgerowe 06-21-2012 08:56 AM

Excellent point!

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