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Default Avoiding Tracking Cookies & Preventing Scripts in Mozilla Firefox

Tracking cookies are used by data miners to track web browsing habits. Although not usually regarded as a major security risk, it can certainly be a privacy issue. Generally, users have no idea they are being tracked. If you're not intentionally blocking tracking cookies, Odds are you have them. Some programs (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware) find known tracking cookies and remove them. In some cases, they are not removed by the resident program but only when a system scan is performed. This means that the cookies may be active for a time even if you have software that removes them.

In Firefox, it's easy to stop cookies. Your version of Firefox may place these settings in slightly different areas. To turn off cookies: Edit, Preferences, Privacy Tab. Change "Firefox Will" to "Custom settings for History" and unclick "Accept Cookies From Sites" and also make sure "Third Party Cookies" is also unclicked. You will need to allow cookies from most legitimate sites you log in to visit. On the same page, click "Exceptions" and add each website you want to allow cookies from. Select to Allow for Session only, so that the cookies will be removed after each session. Note that you should add wildlifegardeners.org to your exceptions list!

A much larger security risk are scripts. Scripts are various types of active content that can provide functionality but are often used when they are not truly required. Scripts are a much larger security risk. Installing the NoScript Extension will help prevent unnecessary scripts from running. To do this, Click Tools, Add Ons, and on the Get Scripts Tab type in NoScripts. The default setting will block most scripts. A little S down in the lower, right hand corner can be used to temporarily allow scripts on a page. If you regularly use a site and believe it to be safe, there is a whitelist you can add the site to so scripts will be allowed. Of course you will want to go click on the little S, go to options, and add wildlifegardeners.org to the whitelist. Leave the google entries in the whitelist as these are needed by a great many websites.

All of this does require a bit more work, but will increase the safety and privacy of your web browsing.
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Midwesterenrr, I've used firefox forever, but recently my browser got hijacked, i.e. I click on a link and it goes to some silly site. I've done pretty extensive anti-virus stuff, but haven't figured it out yet. I'm done with it since my picasa broke, too.

I've been using Google Chrome lately. I wonder if you've tried it and what you think?
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I have used Firefox forever too. My IT/Security son also recommends UBUNTU
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Old 06-18-2010, 12:26 AM   #4
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I tend to trust very few sites. Sites that are filled with all kind of active content for no apparent reason are just not worth the risk to me.

One news site wanted to load scripts and flash from more than 5 different domains just to watch one news clip. I found the same information at another news site without all the nonsense.

Not sure of google chrome security one way or the other.
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Old 06-22-2010, 11:00 PM   #5
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I just pay 5 dollars a month through AOL for the System Mechanic: Never had a problem knock on wood.
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avoiding, cookies, firefox, mozilla, preventing, scripts, tracking

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