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Default Indiana Bat

Cool...June calendar with each day featuring a fact about the Indiana Bat.

USFWS: Indiana Bat Fact-A-Day Calendar for March

Indiana bats rarely roost in occupied buildings. There are hundreds of records of Indiana bat colonies found in trees but only a handful of cases of Indiana bats roosting in buildings.
Indiana bats are likely to use pine trees as maternity roosts in the southern part of their range. For example, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, researchers found Indiana bats taking up residence in pines that died after a southern pine beetle infestation.
Do baby bats play? That depends on how you define “play.” We know that baby bats are inquisitive and explore their environment. They also need social interactions. Caring for baby bats in captivity is challenging because pups must be in an enriched environment with both physical and social needs met to thrive.
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I didn't know..... Bats couldn't take flight from the ground. A bat that is on the floor or ground cannot fly until it gets on an elevated perch from which to launch. And here I thought all of those I had found on the ground in my lifetime were sick and left them be. I probably could have saved some of those just by raising them up to a branch....
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