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Default Humanity falls deeper into ecological debt: study

Humanity falls deeper into ecological debt: study
Relaxnews – Wed, Sep 21, 2011

Humanity falls deeper into ecological debt: study - Yahoo! News
excerpt from above:
Humankind will slip next week into ecological debt, having gobbled up in less then nine months more natural resources than the planet can replenish in a year, researchers said Tuesday.

The most dominant species in Earth's history, in other words, is living beyond the planet's threshold of sustainability, trashing the house it lives in.

At its current pace of consumption…
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This reminds me of the family story when my grandparents came from Italy. It was arranged by a Cousin that they would meet at Ellis Island and go back to Pennsylvania to mine Coal. Whiskey Run was a town that was owned by the coal company, Maybe 12 houses on each side of the road. Your rent and food costs were taken out of your "Script" which was determined how many carts of coal you mined. Each miner had a numbered Cart they would get credit for, Some miners gambled and drank but my grandfather had nine children and if there was a bare patch of ground they had a little garden. In a coal town everything was signaled by the steam whistle, Start Time, Lunch, and Shift Change. Of course the Triple Whistle meant that there was a Cave-In and that ended My Grandfather's Career as a Miner. Luckily some family in Detroit had a few resaturates and suggested they move to Detroit. Although My Grandfather couldn't work anymore he had some money saved and bought a 2 family rental house that the rental income paid some of the bills. My dad was about 15 now and was working at the market cleaning chickens, It was a good job but my Dad was not the General labor type, When He was 12 his Appendix burst and had to be removed. Don't get me wrong he turned over his/our garden for 30+ years until mom and dad stopped gardening after she had a stroke. In his younger years he would spend alot of free time at the firehouse then selling papers, Walking home from the market he saw a want ad in the office section, He would take canceled checks to the Federal Reserve and sort incoming mail. Then Uncle Sam called, 4 years in the Pacific theater. He resumed his job at the bank and that's where he met my mother. They married and all he asked of her was never to cook rice. Once he entered the teller pool his rise was swift, Being able to speak English and Italian and the general distrust of banks in the first place many opened accounts. Back in those days big city banks could pay a 5% interest rate so it was kinda of a big deal if you were saving monthly. Those were passbook days so if you wanted the interest posted in your passbook you'd ask your interest accumulated to be written in. There were some problems, Like the line at my Dad's window was always longer but that soon solved itself. They moved him to Asst. Manager and he would go to market on Saturday and pass out his card. Soon he was writing loans for dump-trucks and restaurants.The Interest/Return was understood by the borrower's but the way my Dad explained it to the saver's had to be something that would stick and be easy to add to their vocabulary since the other tellers would sometimes ask my dad for translation skills or the customer would ask for the Italian Manager. So my Dad with the banks permission began calling the passbook a fruit book and interest earned fruit. Then as the Italian speaking customers came in he would explain the changes made for their convenience, He said you save your seeds and loan them to the bank, We plant and nurture them and harvest the fruit. It's even better because if a rabbit eats your lettuce or a storm knocks over your corn over you get nothing for your labor,,Here everything is safe. Now you plant a pear tree and cherry tree, You know you must water and prune and then after 10 years you get the fruit. Here if leave it longer it pays you fruit every month,, So when you want the teller to write down your interest I want you to tell them you want your fruit put in the book, They will know exactly what you are saying and of course it worked to bridge that small cultural barrier.
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How is Earth Overshoot Day Calculated?

Put simply, Earth Overshoot Day shows the day on which our total Ecological Footprint (measured in global hectares) is equal to the biocapacity (also measured in global hectares) that nature can regenerate in that year. For the rest of the year, we are accumulating debt by depleting our natural capital and letting waste accumulate.
[ world biocapacity / world Ecological Footprint ] x 365 = Earth Overshoot Day

Good analogy sprucetree. A way to understand how humanity is using all the fruit before more can grow and even cutting down some of the trees making next seasons crop even less.
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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