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bunny What do we owe to a rabbit (or any other creature)?


Though the article waxes philosophical, it does address what most who visit this site are probably most interested in: Why should we feel an obligation to the other creatures on the planet????

Though a rabbit is used for example, the article goes on to assert that the principle can be extended to the treatment of any fellow creature.

Here's an excerpt:

"..does that mean that human lives are more important or more valuable than the lives of animals? Korsgaard asks, in keeping with her skepticism about untethered absolute value, “More important or valuable to whom?” Your life is more valuable to you than it is to a rabbit, but the rabbit’s life is more valuable to the rabbit than it is to you. And if you protest that the rabbit’s life is not as important to the rabbit as your life is to you, Korsgaard’s response is that even though you have a conception of your life as a whole that the rabbit lacks, this does not show that your life is more valuable:

For even if the rabbit’s life is not as important to her as yours is to you, nevertheless, for her it contains absolutely everything of value, all that can ever be good or bad for her, except possibly the lives of her offspring. The end of her life is the end of all value and goodness for her. So there is something imponderable about these comparisons."
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