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PansyWhite Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space

Gutter Gardens Grow Produce Without Taking Up Space
7:00AM April 28, 2009 | Adam Pash

25 clever ideas to make life easier
excerpt from above:
If youd love to do a little at-home gardening but dont have much space to do your planting, a simple gutter garden might be the perfect option.

Alaskan news site Juneau Empire features a smart, simple idea for planting a small vegetable garden with very little space: A windowbox garden built from...
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I'm really impressed...plenty of good ideas (although the bread "tie" things could fall off...I've read that colored tape works better.

Pump up the volume by placing your iPhone / iPod in a bowl the concave shape amplifies the music.
I've actually done this with my iPod...came up with that on my own!
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I like that idea of the gutters. I wanted to do something cheap like that under the windows on my chicken coops using some sort of a native rock plant. They want like $50 bucks for window boxes and I'm not spending that on a chicken coop. I'm thinking gutters would dry out pretty fast so we'd have to keep a close eye on em or risk losing our plants but I'm still game to try it. Bet I could get all 4 lengths of gutter with the end caps for the price of 1 window box so it's worth it. I really like those bread tags as cord labels.... the computer I'm on has so many cords coming out of it I've got to get my husband to hook everything back up everytime I vacuum it. And that pantyhose on the end of a vacuum I've used before to get little things I've dropped that I can't reach. The other ideas.... I'll have to look at again.
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Those gutter gardens look nice. But yeah, they'd dry out really fast. If they're on your chicken coop, give 'em a spray when you water your chickens every day that it didn't rain.
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