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awwwww That's too bad. I bet someone can help you make one fairly cheaply. Where are our crafty people?
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Another project would be wonderful. I saw a trickle tower online somewhere but I lost the page. Maybe someone can come up with a recirculating trickle tower design that's easy and affordable.
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Thanks everyone for the compliments on the garden "oasis". Now I have that Maria Muldar tune "Midnight at the Oasis" running through my mind.

Sage, I've seen small table top fountains in local stores for as low as $10. If you can find one of those bamboo spouts you can buy a small pump and use a large bowl and pebbles. Someone, who shall remain nameless, knocked over my indoor fountain and broke the bowl so I can't post a photo. I do have an outdoor fountain with the same type of bamboo spout and I'll get a photo for you later.

I have a special interest in your balcony garden because I've spent years in apartments with many indoor plants. A balcony garden then would have been heaven.
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balcony, gardening

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