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Ruellia caroliniensis

Carolina Wild Petunia
Scientific Name
Ruellia caroliniensis


Common Names
Carolina Wild Petunia


2-3 ft. perennial with crowded, opposite, oval leaves and flowers in unstalked, axillary clusters of 2-4




Violet, trumpet-shaped flowers on short hairy stems from leaf axils.


FL to NJ, w. to e. AR


Sandy, upland, open woods, grassy roadsides, edges, rich woods

[top]Wildlife Value

Nectar is appealing to various species of butterflies.

[top]Cultural Requirements

Part Shade, Moist, Dry, sandy soils.

[top]Pests and Diseases

None of major concern


Seeds may be planted immediately after collection or stored and sown in spring. Germination is low. Seedlings should be given protection until the second year. Summer stem cuttings seem to root well. Capsules change from yellow to green to brown over a 2 month period following flowering. A mature capsule is smooth and 1/2 in. long. Be sure to monitor closely as capsules dehisce mature seeds. Store seeds dry in an airtight, refrigerated container.


Extirpated in PA, Endangered in NJ



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