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Jewelweeds/touch-me-nots are a favorite of mine as well as the ruby-throated hummingbird.

I have the I. pallida growing here...with a few of the I. capensis on the edge of the property.

I. capensis, the orange-flowered one, is my favorite. I'm hoping to get a larger population of them to grow in various spots in the yard...or at least around the pond and wetland area I have planned. I'm assuming the soil composition favors the yellow (I. pallida) more or I'd have the orange growing here already.

Touch-me-not often reminds me of a story Jeff tells. When we were first dating (not that I'd have called it that back then), I spotted the plump seeds of the jewelweed that had basically finished flowering. I told Jeff to touch it. He did and jumped backwards in surprise! I didn't mean to scare him, but apparently he wasn't expecting it at all. ~smile~ Every once in a while he'll share that with someone new when it comes up in conversation.
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