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How to Create Plant Pages

This tutorial will explain how to use the new Plants Database so that you can add new content to it.
  1. Using the Plants Database menu in the navbar, select Add New Plant.

    If this option is not available because it says Add New Something-else, click the Plants Database (Home) link.
    This will bring you back to the area where plants are saved and reset the menu, so "Add New Plant" should reappear as an option.

  2. For the title, enter the name of the plant you are going to add and submit.
    This will check the database and make sure there isn't already an entry for that plant.

  3. If an entry already exists, you will be forwarded to the Edit tab of that plant.
    Otherwise, you will be presented with an empty Plant Template for you to fill in.

  4. When you are filling in the template, it's possible to leave some areas blank, and those sections will just not be shown on the Plant page.
    However, you should consult the Plant Database Standards page to determine what is okay to leave out,
    and whether you need to write a paragraph or just a few words.

  5. There are a number of "Photo"-related values in the template:
    1. Main photo filename, Photo 1-3 filename:
      For these you just need to fill in the filename of an existing photo. More on uploading photos shortly.
    2. Extra photos:
      For this you can enter as many extra photos as you need, but you need to enter the full photo BB-Codes for each one:
      [image] filename | frame | caption [/image]

      Where filename is replaced by the photo's filename,
      frame tells it to have a fancy border around it,
      and caption is replaced by some words describing the photo's subject.

    Uploading photos so they can be used in the Plants Database works a little differently than what you may be used to attaching images to your forum posts.
    For the Plants Database, in order to upload a photo:
    1. Open the Plants Database menu in the navbar, right-click Upload New File, and open it in a new window/tab.
    2. When it asks you for the Title, enter the exact filename of the photo you will be uploading (it has to be exactly the same!) and submit.
    3. Click the Paper-clip icon in the new editor toolbar to start the uploader.
    4. Browse your computer to the photo's location, and click Upload.
    5. You can close the pop-up window and return to the toolbar.
    6. In the empty text box, enter a brief description of the photo's subject.
    7. Scroll to where it says Add New Plant to save that photo.

    Repeat that process for each photo. I know it's tedious and a little confusing,
    but that's the way the database works for the time being, and trust me,
    after a few photos you get used to it.

    Now back to the screen where we were adding the Plant entry itself.

  6. Once you have filled in all the relevant information, you can preview the entry by scrolling down and clicking the Preview Page button.

  7. This will show you how the Plant page will look once it is submitted to the database. Once you are satisfied with the result, click Add New Plant.

  8. Congratulations and thanks for your help! You just added a Plant to our Database.

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