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Default Welcome!

Welcome to the Seed Packet Templates & Free Printable Seed Packs Forum!

I’m BooBooBearBecky and I am the official Seed Pack Coordinator for the Wildlife Gardeners Forum (pretty fancy title eh?) This forum is available for seed collectors looking for an easy way to package and store their seeds.

Please note that no seed packets will be available for invasive plants.

Answers to Questions You May Have

What does a Seed Pack Coordinator do?

I will be creating and posting pre-made seed packets & templates for seed packets that you can download and print. In addition, you can request customized seed packets and I will make them for you.

Do I have to be a computer wizard to download and print seed packets?
No, not at all. Click and Print; it's that easy.

How do I download a seed packet file?
  • 1. Locate the "Stickies" at the top of the Seed Packet Forum. The Stickies at the top of the Seed Packet Forum contain an alphabetical list of plants by common name. The scientific/botanical plant name appears after the common name. Select the stickie you want to browse and click on it.
  • 2. Click on the plant name you would like to download a Seed Packet for.
  • 3. Your browser will prompt you to save the file.
  • 4. Chose a Folder on your computer to save the file in.
  • 5. Click on OK.
How do I print a seed packet file?
After downloading the file, open it with Microsoft Word and then print it out.

Ok...I downloaded the seed packet file and printed it out. What's next?
Cut out the seed packets with a scissors, then fold on the solid lines. Use tape or a glue stick to secure the tabs in place. Record your seed information in the spaces provided and then fill your packet with seeds.

Can I download a seed packet file and customize it myself?
Yes you can! The seed packet files are created with Microsoft Word. Open the file with Word and edit the packets with your own photos, graphics or text. Be creative! Generic seed packet template files can be downloaded here:

Seed Packet Templates

What type of information can be recorded on the pre-made seed packets?
Common Name
Scientific Name
P/B/A (Perennial, Biennial, Annual)
Year Grown

Can a customized seed packet be created just for me?
YES! Make your requests here:

Custom Seed Packet Requests

I don't have Microsoft Word, can I still download and print the seed packet files?
Currently the seed packet files are only available in Microsoft Word format. This is the preferred application because most seed collectors like to customize their own seed packets. If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can convert the Microsoft Word DOC files to Adobe PDF files. Do a search in Google and you will find several options for converting files. Note: After DOC files are converted to PDF files, you will not be able to edit them.

Wildlifegardeners Members also have the option to send a PM to the Seed Packet Coordinator.
The Seed Packet Coordinator will happily convert the Word Document files to Adobe PDF files for you.
You must be a member of the Wildlifegardeners Forum to make this special request.

I want to request a seed packet, but I’m not sure if the plant is considered invasive or not?
Check here to search the USDA Invasive and Noxious Weeds database.

The Invasive Flora Forum can help you determine whether a plant is invasive or not. Post a message in the Invasive Flora Forum.

I've created a really nifty seed packet file and I want to share it with others. Can I do that?
Yes, as long as the seed packet is not for an invasive plant.

How do I share my nifty seed packet file with others?
Create a reply post in the forum under "User Submitted Seed Packets." The subject line should contain the name of the plant with the scientifc name first, and the common name second. If the plant is known by several common names you can include those in your post as well. To upload your nifty seed packet file:
1. Click on Go Advanced.
2. Scroll down.
3. Click on Manage Attachments.
4. Select Upload File From Your Computer.
5. Select the seed template file from your computer
6. Click on Upload
7. Your file will upload and appear in the box labeled "current attachments."
8. Close the window and click on Submit Reply

I'm computer challenged and need help!
Post a message in this forum with your question, and the Seed Packet Coordinator will assist you.
Members can also send a PM to the Seed Packet Coordinator requesting help.

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