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Default Recipes: Supply Sources- grains and flour

King Arthur Flour - online baker’s catalogue

If you make home made bread and don't have a Health Food store handy, King Arthur flour probably has just what you need. Their catalog also has recipes. You can buy grains as well as all types of flour.

Most whole grain bread recipes call for a portion of white flour. You may want to use unbleached or gluten flour to take the "clunk" out of whole grain breads.

In case you didn't learn how to cook from The Joy of Cooking (which has great basic recipes for learning fundamental skills)--- wheat flour is either made soft wheat or hard wheat. Soft wheat flour is good for cakes and biscuits. Hard wheat flour is for making bread. "All purpose flour" is a mixture of soft and hard wheat flours--it is not really suitable for making bread because soft wheat has little gluten in it. You need gluten to get the texture of bread rather than the flakey texture of biscuits.

Edenfoods: http://www.edenfoods.com/store/index.php?cPath=31_67

is another source for organic flour.

Walnut acres which used to be a good source apparently no longer sells flour.
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I like the King Arthur 'White Wheat' and use it a lot. My local grocery falls a little short on the health food scale, but at least it does have King Arthur flours.
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King Arthur in the US and Robin Hood in Canada ..both the best commercial flours I have ever used ...KA and RH both have good recipes as well on their sites

if you are lucky enough to get RH's multi grain flour ..it is lighter than you would expect and makes a wonderful loaf of grainy goodness
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A bread maker, a countertop convection oven, and the King Arthur website are about all you need to get a good loaf of bread. In my part of the country it is almost impossible to buy a loaf of good bread--whole grain is non-existent. And the "bread isle" smells like bread mold--often will little weavils hovering over the products. (!!!)

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