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Default Basil pesto with acorn

I didn't have pine nuts or walnuts on hand when it came time to harvest my basil this year, so I made pesto with acorns instead. I had prepared leached and dried acorns on hand.

I put big bunches of basil leaves in the food processor with olive oil and processed until it was not quite smooth. Then I realized I hadn't chopped my acorns before getting the food processor all sticky and pulled out the blender to chop up about a half cup of nuts for a big processor-full of basil goo. Then I mixed the two together briefly in the processor and made a pizza! I also froze most of the pesto in ice-cube trays lined with plastic wrap until firm. I store the cubes, wrapped in plastic wrap, in a big freezer bag and use as much as I need at a time.

The pesto is really good with acorn.

To prepare small acorns (such as white oak), shell and boil in several changes of water (until the water stops turning dark brown, or you can taste-test if you get impatient, since I've found you don't really have to have the water all the way clear for the acorns to taste good). Then dry roast them in a single layer on cookie sheets in a slow oven until they turn a dark brown. You can store little acorns just like this in airtight jars on a shelf; big acorns (such as chestnut oak) don't dry out well enough and will mold in the jar. Guess how I know that! It might be best to chop larger acorns before boiling.
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Some years I am so loaded with acorns it's like it's hailing acorns. I need acorn recipes and this looks like a good one.
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acorn, basil, pesto

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