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Originally Posted by jpdenk View Post
I particularly like the Tiger Beetle, suunto, they're fascinating, and can be tricky to photograph. Any idea what species it is? Seems like the only one I ever see here is the Six-spotted Tiger Beetle, which is a beauty, but I'd like to photograph more kinds of them.

I believe that it is Cicindela punctulata - see Tiger Beetle - Cicindela punctulata Photo Gallery by Tom Murray at pbase.com for some images. This specimen cooperated by staying still for the few seconds needed to focus on it.
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Wow lots of really great photos this month!! I had a great time viewing them all.

I took plant photos for the first time this summer yesterday. No spectacular entries, but I'm happy to see my native plants thriving and multiplying. These are plants that I started from seed 3 years ago. They're ready to be divided and placed around my property. The weather's too hot right now, but soon they will moved to their new homes.

I've had much butterfly and hummingbird activity this summer; more than I've ever seen here before. Only a couple of Junebugs (usually I have hundreds), and my bees are becoming scarce. I'm worried about my bee population.

Hoary Vervain
~JULY 2011 Photo Contest~-hoar-vervain.jpg

~JULY 2011 Photo Contest~-menarda.jpg

~JULY 2011 Photo Contest~-tansy2.jpg

~JULY 2011 Photo Contest~-white-coneflower.jpg
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Looks like a good ID, suunto. After seeing your photo, I dug out my Tiger Beetle field guide and had thought that might be it but wasn't sure.

BBBBecky, nice flower shots! But Tansy isn't native! And the white Echinacea isn't a wild form is it? I thought those were a horticultural variety not found in the wild.

Click here for an album of some of my nature photos.
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Great seeing you posting again 4B!

You must be stealing/attracting all of the butterflies, because they've been pretty scarce around here. Glad to hear someone is seeing a lot.

Do you ever see the hummingbird going to those tiny vervain flowers? I swear I saw them at it years ago when I had it. I've gotta get some more.

... I agree about the tansy not being native. I don't know about the white Echinacea--I don't grow them as they are native much more farther west than where we live.
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July 2011 POTM contest closed. Thank you for all the beautiful entries! Winning photos HERE
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