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Default January Photos from WI

Here are a few photos for the January photo contest.

1. An oak tree log converted to a planter and trees weighed down with heavy snow.
2. Trees in our meadow. I like the shadows and the critter foot prints in the snow.
3. Depressing.
4. Even more depressing (especially if you're a gardener)
5. Just plain silly. I rely on the squirrels to provide with me accurate weather forecasts. If this many show up at the feeders all at once...it means a big snow storm is coming. (Sorry about the dog slobber on the glass)
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January Photos from WI-img_0096.jpg   January Photos from WI-img_0091.jpg   January Photos from WI-img_0073.jpg   January Photos from WI-img_0107.jpg   January Photos from WI-dog-20tv-2001.jpg  

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Hey! I've got a squirrel feeder like that too. You don't know how to repair the screen that mine chewed through do you?

Looks like your squirrel babies are corn fed like ours.

Nice shadows in the second photo.
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Very nice! I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of living in this snow, but it sure does create some interesting visual effects.
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I love all the snow shots. I know, I know....if I lived there I wouldn't be so appreciative. We feed our squirrels too. They get corn cobs and squirrel blocks. it appears to help cut down on squirrel visits to our birdfeeders.
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