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Ya your right Gloria about the coolness, I've change my mind, it is probably too late for my area to try again the summer squash this year.(it has been sort of cool & damp the last 2-3 weeks here also).

Good to know the names & different families rockerboo, of the various plants. I've been studying alittle using the proper names, and zoning in on 'the pest'.

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Hey everyone.... try a squash vine borer trap, Ready to use kits. 1 trap will cover an acre easy peasy and they REALLY work!!!! Wish I would have found those traps for sale before I went to all the trouble of protecting the stems of all my squash and pumpkins. The foil method definitely worked for me... just like others using it said it would. I cut up old tightie whities and used the underwear strips as an underlayment before wrapping the bases with tinfoil but pantyhose or t-shirt fabric woulda worked just as well. I did miss 4 pumpkin plants though... they were between rows of corn and they're showing signs of wilt so I'm sure they've been "hit" but not 1 squash plant with a foil wrapped stem is showing any signs of borer damage. I picked up a shaker can of BTK for the pumpkin plants I missed.... the BTK I bought was sold as Dipel but.... I'm pretty sure I was too late applying it.... oopsie. Makes no difference because I've got other varieties of pumpkin out there for pies and soups. Right now.... I've taken in at least 200 lbs of squash and that's no exaggeration. I have squash coming out my rear... I'm giving it away to anyone who stops in I've got so much. There's another couple hundred pounds out there that's not ready to be brought in and that's without counting the pumpkins that I'll be putting up to make pies. Next year.... I'm cutting waaaaaaaay back on the squash I'll plant next year.
And about those cucumber beetles I ran around sucking up with a cordless portable hand held vacuum last year.... I stuck stakes in the ground and nailed bright yellow solo cups to them that I painted with tanglefoot and very had few problems with those this year. 1 thing I learned after losing a damselfly is that next year I need to either not paint the top of the yellow cup or I need to lower the cup on the stake. I'll cut a hole in the cup and let a portion of the stake stick out above. Dragonflies and damselflies like to rest on things like.... oh yellow cups elevated above squash and pumpkin plants. I was pretty upset when I saw that damselfly stuck to the tanglefoot painted on the top of the solo cup. I ended up nailing big long nails with big heads into the tops of the stakes for them to land on and that seemed to help although it split some of my stakes.
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Reviving an old thread, but I'm planning to take on those borers this summer!

Great lead on the kit, Equilibrium! I'll have to investigate what a 'vapor tape' is, sounds like some sort of paraphernalia.

I'm thinking about insecticidal soap and BTK as well, but don't want to use anything that could harm pollinators or other beneficial insects.

BTK and insecticidal soap suggestions are welcome.

You Bet Your Garden - Squash Vine Borer Control
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I don't have any trouble with my Zucchini plants. The borer must have gotten my spaghetti squash plants last summer. The main stem collapsed and the plant died. I didn't know why. Now I know that I need to hoe the area to look for borer cocoons. Sorry I can't help you Teresa. This is new for me. I agree with you though. I don't want to use anything harmful to pollinators either. I think I will look for BTK or insecticidal soap at the local garden center.
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