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We had Yet More Snow on Monday, but again nothing that stuck. Where we are is probably 75 miles further north than I'm used to, and we have some mountain influence to the weather, but this winter is still remarkable. Rock-bottom average lows here are usually in the 20s (I looked it up), and we'll be back in the teens at least two nights this week. Heck, we're in the teens now.

Clear, though. No more snow. I put off planting last weekend, and I'm glad I did. If I can work the ground, though, I think I'll plant some cold-hardy stuff this weekend -- a long stretch of upper 60s starting Saturday.
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I'm growing snow along with TheLorax and Prairiefreak.

I'm so very envious of your stretch of 60 degree weather and actually being able to work the ground. In my area, I'm still about 2 1/2 - 3 months away from that possibility. So I will continue to read your gardening posts JennyC, but it will be with "pure green garden envy."

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It'll be in the 70's all week here, but we'll be getting rain all week too. Just when it was almost dry enough to work the ground.

I took the flats of seedlings out of the greenhouse to keep them from getting too leggy. They'll go back the next time it dips to 40 or so. But for now I'll let them have a little fresh air.
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