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Default Organic Herbicides

Organic Herbicides

Corn gluten meal- A preemergent herbicide which contains alaninyl-alanine a chemical that inhibits young growth. Effective against nightshade, lambsquarter, bentgrass and others. Timing is critical in the use of this product. You must apply it early in the spring just as the weed are being to emerge.

Brassicas-contain chemicals that inhibit plant growth.
These plants include such things as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and canola.
Chop up and blend the plants mix with enough water to get a product the consistancy of a slurpy or thick gravy. Apply the slurry to the problem area to control weeds. It is only effective for short term use.

Mulch-Apply 2-3 inches of wood chips, newspapers, or straw, but keep the mulch about 3-4 inches from the base or stem of the trees/shrubs or plants. In vegetable gardens use 2-3 inches of newspaper, add straw to hold down the newspaper. Use between the rows to help retain moisture and control weed germination.
lay straw on top to hold the newspaper. You may also use shredded leaves between your larger plants for the same reasons.

Solarization-This method involves spreading clear plastic sheets over a problem area to eliminate weed seeds and disease. to eliminate weeds and disease. This allows light to heat
the ground killing weed seeds and other pathogens. Most effective
during the hottest summer months.

And of course :

Hand weeding- And this is everybody's favorite control method (NOT) ! But it is effective.

Again, these are just a few things that are used as alternative control methods. Please share your knowledge and ideas. Thanks

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Injecting a salt solution into the stem below or at the soil line kills off big sections of kudzu, though it won't get the root, unless maybe it can be starved through repeated applications.
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Do you have the recipe? I don't have kudzu but I do have asian wisteria that I would like to nuke.
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Not a recipe so much as a made-up

My husband uncovered big roots and injected them with a veteranary needle (the roots are very tough; I doubt I'd've been able to get the needle in, but he's stubborn). I don't know how big a syringe, but knowing him, it was the biggest he could find and he probably dosed each root several times. As for the solution itself, that's the easy part: saturated salt solution, as much as will dissolve. You know your solution is saturated when some of the salt keeps settling at the bottom no matter how much you stir -- that means some is precipitating out when other crystals of salt dissolve.

Remember though, this isn't an instant nuke: it kills the section of foliage fed by that root, but it may recover, and the root may live. Reapplication recommended at the first sign of life.
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Corn gluten is the best! I've had great luck with it.

With salt, I would have concern with it contaminating my soil.
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herbicides, organic

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