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gardening tools Feeding the world population sustainably and efficiently with ecologically intensive agriculture

Feeding the world population sustainably and efficiently with ecologically intensive agriculture
May 16, 2013

Feeding the world population sustainably and efficiently with ecologically intensive agriculture
excerpt from above:
Conventional methods of agriculture and cattle-breeding cannot feed the world population. They are not sustainable, pollute the environment, are responsible for reducing biodiversity and have a damaging effect on human health. In order to guarantee food security for nine million people in 2050, there is a pressing need to intensify agricultural production. However, this will have to be done in an ecologically responsible manner, making intensive and smart use of natural ecosystem functions. Professor Pablo Tittonell shall assert this view on 16 May upon accepting the post of Professor of Farming Systems Ecology at Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR.

In his inaugural speech titled Farming Systems Ecology. Towards ecological intensification of world agriculture, Pablo Tittonell rejects the assertion that the world produces sufficient food to prevent hunger and that the main problem is distribution. The main problem is actually that food production does not take place in the areas of the world where it is most needed. Tittonell believes there is no point in increasing food production in the rich West as that is not a sustainable, efficient option.

Ecological intensification of agricultural production should take place in particular in the South, in developing countries, where small farmers are still responsible for half the world's food production. The highly developed North, in fact, needs to 'extensify' its agriculture and animal husbandry. This would involve less exploitation of...
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many people are overweight. On a global scale, obesity outweighs hunger," Tittonell observes. It also leads to food wastage; 30 to 50% of the food we produce never reaches a human stomach, the professor says.

I think that the "west" or is it the "north"? -population have had some alterations done on their endocrine system affecting the metabolism in the last 50 years. We got it made!

Two sides of the same coin would be Karen Carpenter (famous singer) and a rather large population of teen anoxic girls dieting till they died of starvation - and the flip side is eating and can't stop till you die. Now why is that?

Perhaps we can look no further than our pets.
It seems that our cats, dogs, and even horses all develop an endocrine disease that in humans is called Cushings, and then some just waste away.

What could possibly be driving this epidemic of damaged hypothalamus?

Tittonell is right about one thing- people should never have to rely on others to keep from starving.
All people must be as independent as possible.
Still there will always be places like Ireland major famines- of one system exploiting another.
Irish farmers were independent in producing food for themselves and the Brits, but - well we all know how that went.

And it looks like there will always be crazed leaders that decides to reduce the population (for some political experiment) as in Cambodia, or as in Stalin deciding to decrease the population by starvation in the bread basket of Europe - the Ukraine.

There will also be the weather too; playing it's role as again in Ireland's potato famine and the Great Depression - drought dust bowl thing, or the Vikings of Greenland going extinct from it turning cold. So, although being independent will always help, but these problems that caused starvation will still exist.

Unless they are making a vaccine against starvation???
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