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gardening tool Digging Deep Under Cover

Digging Deep Under Cover
By Cynthia Brian
Published September 26th, 2012

Digging Deep Under Cover
excerpt from above:
To grow healthy plants, fruits, and vegetables, we have to have hearty soil. Before we put our gardens to bed for the long winter nap, we want to blanket the beds with nutrient rich cover crops. Replenishing nitrogen, preventing erosion, building soil, increasing water absorption, cover crops are the workhorses of the late autumn and winter landscape.

It is critical to implement the correct combination of cover crops for the right job. Because all plants need nitrogen and all microorganisms depend on it, nitrogen is the most challenging material to maintain in the soil. The best nitrogen fixers are in the Legume family, as they interact with beneficial bacteria in the dirt to enhance the roots. Let’s take a look at crops to plant this autumn that will help with preventing weed seeds from germinating while providing a habitat for beneficial insects as well as compost for the garden…
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I totally agree we can’t grow healthy plants without having healthy soil and I'm just starting to learn exactly how important it is we "bulk" our soil but…. did they have to suggest such highly invasive species to the general public to use as “cover crops”>>>? Here’s a list of cover crops from Prairie Moon that aren’t nearly as nasty, Prairie Moon Nursery :: Other Products :: Cover Crops and this list is even better, http://www.ag.iastate.edu/farms/04re...CoverCrops.pdf. That was just a quick search.... I'm sure there's a lot more ecologically responsible cover crop options out there if we take more time poking around.
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