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Default Alliance to Protect Wildlife

New news on international wildlife protection measures:

-- Press Releases November 2010 - Powerful alliance to fight wildlife crime comes into effect at Tiger Forum - United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) --

"The threat of wildlife and environmental crime is one which is taken very seriously by INTERPOL as demonstrated by the recent unanimous vote by our General Assembly in support of greater global policing efforts in these areas," said INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble. "Environmental crime is global theft and as the world's largest police organization INTERPOL is committed, with the support of each of our 188 member countries, to build on the work already being done in protecting our planet for future generations."
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Something to think about,WWF - Wildlife Trade - Tiger Trade FAQs, “Tigers are "top predators." This means that they are at the top of the food chain, with no natural predators other than humans. Like other predators, including other big cats such as leopards, tigers require a large land area over which they will travel to find food. An ever-expanding human population has led to increased deforestation, expanded agriculture, and urbanization, resulting in the shrinking and fragmentation of tigers' habitat. People hunt the tigers' prey - which include wild cattle, pigs, and deer - leaving tigers with less food to eat. As tigers' habitat and food supplies have shrunk, the tiger populations have plummeted. Now, those wild tigers that remain are left extremely vulnerable to any further threat posed by illegal hunting.
Though tigers are often killed due to conflicts with humans and livestock, tigers are also hunted for the use of their body parts in traditional Asian medicines (TAM). There is also a significant trade in skins, teeth and claws. Tiger bones are used in TAM to treat such symptoms as joint pain and stiffness, muscular weakness, back pain, paralysis and muscular spasms. Tigers have been used for medicinal purposes in East Asian countries for centuries and a belief in their efficacy for treating health problems is deeply rooted in national tradition. The analgesic effect of tiger bone has been observed in laboratory animals with induced arthritis; however, many mammal bones have this effect, not just tiger bones.”
I guess a good question to ask is how exactly will the UN get more than a billion people in China to change their culture…. seriously…. how do they reduce Chinese cravings for tiger products…. rhetorical question…. the UN can’t… it’d be right up there with getting the starving people of India eating all the cows roaming their streets. I’m going back to China next May…. I’ll bring back photos of all the tiger rice wine for sale and I’ll take some photos of tiger meat sold at markets… not imitation tiger meat as in dog meat but…. real tiger meat. I can take some photos of store shelves loaded with tiger disease cures too.
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Oh what the heck…. I’m on a roll…. here’s what I really think…..this is some sort of a public relations stunt trying to justify the creation of a new UN agency…. the ICCWC. No matter how much $$$ the ICCWC is “gifted” from "rich" industrialized nations for this latest and greatest “cause”… it won’t be able to do much more than slap theatrical bandaids on symptoms of much larger problems. I’m sure they’ll pump out sensational press releases of all their good work helping catch those evil “poachers” as “proof” they’re earning their keep but…. the ICCWC will never be able to impose our morals on the Chinese…. never and besides which…. those living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones anyway. Here’s the “root” problems that the ICCWC can’t touch with a 10’ INTERPOL pole no matter how many poachers they put behind bars in attempts to legitimize and sanction the $$$ of their existence….
Problem #1….. Human population still exploding throughout China, India, and Nepal… actually throughout the world. More people will necessitate the conversion of more wild lands…. that’s big time habitat destruction. We’re talking land use changes primarily to agriculture. More people pumped out means more people who'll need shelter and food and the tigers’ habitat won’t feed them…. those people can’t eat trees but…. they can use those trees to build and heat their houses and those provinces of China are cold….. brrrrrr. No amount of international policing is going to stop cold and hungry humans from out competing tigers for habitat and definitely not for food.
The Chinese aren’t picky eaters like us Americans who paid waaaay too much attention to what PETA said should go in our mouths and what shouldn’t. The Chinese are realists and basically eat everything that isn’t nailed down that isn’t poisonous and that includes fluffies….spots… our icon of the west the horsie…. the world’s beloved tiggers and…. all the animals that comprise tigger’s diet. So this newly created ICCWC bags a poacher or two every month at a cost of how many millions and they parade that evil poacher in front of the world…. for us to see. It’ll be like sticking their finger in a dike because 100 more impoverished poachers who can’t afford to breed them will take the place of the recently incarcerated trying to feed and put a roof over their family's heads.
#2…. Supply and demand. China has highly successful active tiger breeding programs that other countries are “watching” to see when the coast is clear so they can jump in on the market to make a buck from the demand. China literally has thousands of “farmed” tigers and a strong “tiger farmers” lobby that wasn’t happy with the measly $$$ they were getting from giving tours of breeding operations. China’s still the largest consumer of tiger products and we all know how the rest of the world loves to toss those pelts on the floor and hang em on walls as decoration.
Problem #3…. Most of us have never even been to China and we don’t have a clue about what’s really going on because we’re satisfied with the UN’s sanitized grab-our-pom-poms and cheer for their progress “press release” version of issues. Soooo…. I guess the toughest question we need to ask is what good is that international “ban” on importation of tiger and tiger parts supported by 188 countries when the sale of those products is still permitted by how many of those very same 188 countries…. including China and…. why the horse and pony show over irreconcilable cultural issues, Video: Fears for Indian tiger after Chinese green light for sale of animal products - Times Online,
The Chinese State Forestry Administration, which is responsible for wildlife, issued a document allowing trade in legally obtained tiger and leopard skins in December 2007, but with such little fanfare that it barely rated a mention in the domestic media…. Almost every reference was subsequently erased from the internet, apparently amid official concerns of damage to China’s reputation before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.”>>> ? I guess an even tougher question would be how INTERPOL police will police the Asian police forces that are usually involved in the poaching>>>? Only the Chinese government has the ability to police its own police and we probably all figured out most governments where poaching occurs are involved in the poaching at some level too.... it's profitable!!!
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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