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Default Species on the Edge

Nature's 'ugly ducklings' teetering on the edge of extinction | Environment | guardian.co.uk

"A tiny bushbaby with over-sized ears and an almost blind dolphin that swims upside down have joined a list of the most unusual and important mammals that are teetering on the edge of extinction."

""These species are not only seriously threatened, they have the fewest living relatives and so represent an extraordinary amount of evolutionary diversity. Losing a high-rank species from this list can have an enormous impact on diversity," Craig Turner, a conservation biologist at ZSL, said.""
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See now I don't think it's ugly at all.... it's kinda cute!!!
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The top 100 EDGE mammals:
EDGE :: EDGE Top 100 Mammals

The top 100 EDGE amphibians:
EDGE :: Top 100 EDGE Amphibians
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