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bear Animals gain fans through zoo's web cams

Animals gain fans through zoo's web cams

Webcams burnish zoo's animal appeal
By Sally Holland, CNN
May 28, 2010
National Zoo's underwater camera watches a Pacific octopus. Pandas now have 38 cameras and team that picks the best view for streaming. Bear cameras are housed in housing designed for prison cells. Zoo hopes to add cameras to research facility not open to the public.
Click on the link below to read the entire story and watch the video clip.
Animals gain fans through zoo's web cams

Take a Virtual Visit to the Zoo

The National Zoo is home to 2,000 individual animals of nearly 400 different species. Our best known residents are our giant pandas, but great apes, big cats, Asian elephants, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, aquatic animals, small mammals, and many others can be found at the Zoo.

You can take a virtual visit to the The National Zoo any day of the week by tuning into our live web cams, which feature many of the Zoo’s animals:

  • Amazon River Fish Cam
  • Andean Bear Cub Cam
  • Asian Small-clawed Otter Cam
  • Black-footed Ferret Cam
  • Cheetah Cams
  • Clouded Leopard Cam
  • Clouded Leopard Cam
  • Fishing Cat Cam
  • Flamingo Cam
  • Gharial Cam
  • Golden Lion Tamarin Cam
  • Gorilla Cam
  • Kiwi Cam
  • Lion Cam
  • Micronesian Kingfisher Cam
  • MicroTheatre Cam
  • Naked Mole-Rat Cam
  • Octopus Cam
  • Orangutan Cam
  • Panda Cams
  • Sloth Bear Cam
  • Tiger Cam
Click here to visit The National Zoon live web cams
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They're a great marketing tool too!!! They help find people to "adopt" the animals which in turn helps pay for their care!!!
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I watched one of the black footed ferrets give birth It was awesome.
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