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You think the kitchen in the video got the holes in it some other way and the video was a set-up with a pet racoon?
My yarden and I lean a little to the wild side.

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Raccoons are very shy. They will skidaddle when you cross paths with them unless... they've been acclimated to humans or they're diseased or injured. Young raccoons might try to hang around a little longer than adults because they're curious but their mommas will move any rubber necks trying to linger out of harms way and humans are perceived as danger. That raccoon took that nut straight from that guy's hand with no hesitation. No way would a raccoon do that unless it had had been hanging around that family getting hand outs for a verrrrrrrrry long time. They can do damage like what was in the kitchen and I don't doubt the guy was trying to get his insurance company to cover his own stupidity but... that's like me video taping every time my dogs start running around our L shaped counter sliding out and crashing their heads through my dry wall and expecting the insurance company to pick up the repair bill. We could submit the video as "proof" but the insurance company won't pay out. Feed wild animals because you think it's cute to coax them to eat from your hand and expect damage from them when you're not around to pass out the free hand outs they've come to expect... let big dogs with hard heads run around a kitchen island on ceramic tile and expect damage when they get all whipped up and out of control. An insurance company is as responsible for my irresponsibility and lack of good judgment letting my dogs play chase in my kitchen as it is for his irresponsibility and lack of common sense feeding a wild animal on a regular basis. An insurance company isn't responsible. I don't think the video was a set up. The set up is letting people watching the video think that's some raccoon that made its way into his house then started gnawing and clawing apart his soffit for no apparent reason. That's probably very real damage from a hand fed raccoon that he thinks is cute for destroying a soffit that had "dated" wallpaper on it in need of updating anyway. Wonder if he'll still think the hand fed raccoon is cute after the insurance company denies his claim and he's stuck with the bill? Better yet... wonder if his neighbors will think that raccoon is cute when he stops feeding it and it goes looking to another family for free handouts and does that kind of damage???
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Default Warning, extremely foul language

Unedited version of the Willie video:
YouTube - Raccoon Willie: I Hate You!

Willie at 4 weeks in the home:
YouTube - Raccoon Willie: Sleepy Coon

Other Willie related videos in side right column at You Tube.
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I see why they edited it. That's more than flat out poddy mouth... that guy's an idiot. I'm glad I don't live next door to him. He's going to end up cutting off the raccoon he hand raised from getting into his house and then when it keeps getting in through his garage or where ever... he'll stop feeding it so it will start looking for handouts from the people who live around him.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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Default Chinese food ?

Now I have a question ? Do/did this racoon have a preference for the good old USA drywall or does he have a preference for junk food (the chinese dry wall) ?

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