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bunny Suprise night rescue

Thought I'd share this...

Last night my oldest son and I were sitting on our patio and watching the meteor shower. He is ten and it honestly was the highlight of my week. It was great to talk about the sky, stars, hopes, dreams, and just hang out. I realize that he won't want to hang with his dad for much longer, so I relish every minute I can get- especially if it involves being outside together.

As we sat there, we kept hearing a scratching sound in a window well. I have a window feeder above the well and seeds frequently drop into it. I even have volunteer sunflowers growing in there. It isn't uncommon for mice and chipmunks to crawl down the branch I have in there just for that purpose to eat seeds. Birds also descend into the well to eat. I digress...

So we kept hearing a scratching in the well. I was thinking a toad or mouse was trying to get out. We got a flashlight and looked, but could find nothing. Again we heard it and, quietly this time, went again but could see nothing. It was a mystery that repeated itself several times. Finally Noah said "I bet it is in the container down there. There was a black plasic 1 gallon nursery pot on its side at the bottom. I didn't think it sounded like plastic sratching, but told him to get something to reach down there and we would look.

He went and brought out our big cast iron firepit poker. It has a hook on the end and is fairly long. I reached down to flip the pot opening up and what did we find? A half-grown rabbit! We quickly hooked the pot and lifted it up. The rabbit stayed still in the bottom the whole way up. We grapped the pot and carried it to the edge of our property that is planted with taller grasses, silphiums and helianthus. He slowly tipped the pot and the rabbit slowly hopped between the tall plants and into the night.

It was a special night capped off by the meteor shower and memory that will last a long time. Just thought I'd share.

All of the sunflowers growing in there were eaten, as were the seeds. It must have been in there all day. At least it was cool in there. Poor thing!

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And you sent it on its way with a full tummy, too. How fortunate that your son was there with you. It sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.
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Awwww, what a cute story!
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It must be a full moon or something for rescuing animals. Way to go for hauling out the rabbit. I know they're a nuisance to some but we like them. Window wells sure are a pain in the rear end. We have really deep window wells and have to check ours all the time. That's really nice of you to keep an eye.... no ear... on your window wells. So many people don't realize what death traps they can be. And don't sell yourself short on your 10 year old. Ours still like to spend time with us. An awesome parent like you who "hangs out" talking with their kids is always going to win out over their peers. They do go in spurts with friends but they always come back to the hands on parents. You sound like a neat person. Nice to have you here.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."
- Dr. Seuss
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Wow, Gnomenative. That's quite a night full of memories.
My yarden and I lean a little to the wild side.
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night, rescue, suprise

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