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Default Skunk as predator, beneficial not pest

Skunks have a niche in the habitat community. A little scratching around for a protein rich meal can be of immense value while doing little harm to plants or the aesthetics of a wildlife garden. Chicago is no stranger to the charms of resident skunk families. Lincoln Park Zoo has cameras set throughout the city to capture evidence of urban wildlife. Skunk presence has been on the increase for years.

Skunks: Better Than Pesticides - Humane Gardener

“Skunks are a great form of natural pest control,” says Simon, dubbed “skunk adviser to the stars” after counseling Ellen DeGeneres about their grub-digging in her lawn. “And they also will eat mice and baby rats, and just their presence deters a lot of rodents.”

Skunks would rather dine on insects eating plants than on the plants themselves, says Dragoo: “If a skunk has a choice between a tomato and a tomato worm, it’ll go after the tomato worm.” Their taste for grasshoppers and beetle larvae earned praise in a 1914 U.S. Department of Agriculture bulletin, and their culinary preferences even inspired New York hops growers to lobby for their protection. But they still faced a tough crowd: “Scientific observers since the days of Audubon have nearly all testified to the usefulness of these animals,” the USDA noted, “but popular prejudices are hard to overcome.”

Without dogs, most of us wouldn’t even be aware of these unassuming animals. “A lot of people say, ‘I’ve got a skunk in my backyard: What do I do?’ And my advice is to get a lawn chair, pour a beer, put up your feet up and watch it because it’s very entertaining,” says Dragoo.
Is That Skunk? | About | Nature | PBS


Wild Skunk Information
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Awesome post!

Thanks for the info.

I will likely post this to Facebook to reach a wider audience. Little by little, people will begin to think differently about the natural world.
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Oh so cute!
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Had a family of skunks on my property for years, up to about four years ago. I have no idea why they moved on, other than that the coyote population burgeoned during that time. I wonder if coyote are able to prey upon skunks??

At any rate, as I once posted here before, those skunks got to know me as I worked around the yard, and, slowly, I became less concerned about their presence and the possibility of being sprayed upon. Seemed they knew I was innocuous, and they went about their business as I went about mine. Those were good days... I miss them.
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beneficial, pest, predator, skunk

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