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Default Wolf is a female northern gray

Must have traveled a very long way.

Mystery Grand Canyon Animal Is a Gray Wolf?Can It Survive?

If it was a gray wolf, the animal had undertaken a spectacular journey, walking hundreds of miles across Utah or Colorado onto the Kaibab Plateau, which is just north of the Grand Canyon
Indeed, on that same November evening, the FWS confirmed the mysterious Kaibab animal was a gray wolf. The agency had tested the DNA in the animal's scat and found that its genes matched those of wolves in the northern Rockies.
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Every few years or so we spot a coyote or wolf wandering about upon the ice in search of a mate.
As soon at it freezes over, Every morn....I find myself automatically scanning the area for them.
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Monday (Jan 12) was the 20th anniversary of the first reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone NP. They arrived at the acclimation pens (3 different locations) after many years of debate over the program.

We had the opportunity to hike to one of the still standing pens a couple of summers ago. The boxes (dog house sized) are still there. There are bones scattered about from the road-killed animals that were brought to the pens. The opening cut into the fencing to finally allow the wolves out is still there...As we wandered around in the pen our guide (who also happens to be our daughter ) talked about those first wolves and what happened to them after they were released.

We have seen wolves in the wild almost every time we've been to the park since 2000. The most memorable experience was seeing a wolf on a back country hike and hearing it howl back and forth with it's pack further down the valley.

There is still much controversy surrounding the wolves - especially the ones that have "set up housekeeping" outside the park. But it seems as though studies are showing the ecosystem is healthier for having them back.

I think the wandering wolf in this article may be one from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

The link is to an article about the reintroduction.

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female, gray, northern, wolf

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