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Default To Save Animals, Put a Price on Them

To Save Animals, Put a Price on Them
By Brandon Keim
February 24, 2009 | 2:58:02 PM

To Save Animals, Put a Price on Them | Wired Science from Wired.com
excerpt from above:
Rather than relying on warm, fuzzy feelings to protect animals, conservationists suggest appealing to something more reliable: greed.

By selling financial contracts pegged to species health, the government could create a market in the future of threatened animals, making their preservation literally valuable to investors.

"The incentive to conserve would increase as the likelihood of species survival decreases," said Cornell University biologist James Mandel. "If a species declines, investors have a bunch of paper that's now worthless."
Gee, what a novel concept. Something more reliable: greed.

The article continues by outlining a proposal in which the government would determine the cost of protecting a species should it become endangered and further goes on to explain that contracts would be voided should animal numbers fall below a set threshold and the money would then be devoted to recovery.

If this isn't beautiful a beautiful thing, what is?
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It is sad that we need to put a price tag on the beauty of wildlife.
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Sad, but it might just work. It might also work with invasive species?
Lady S

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