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Default What kind of wild animal poop is this at my feeder?

Hi all!
I hope it's ok to post this here...
I sure hope someone can solve this mystery for me...

Here's a pic:

I've seen this poop here before and I always thought it was a possum because I used to more freely feed BOSS and had a possum or two who came at night to enjoy it and I caught them in the act a few times. There would always be lots of this poop the next day.
I started feeding more sparingly and only in hanging feeders and that stopped happening until recently.

I have a small hanging feeder on my covered porch and just below it on my deck is a tray feeder and sometimes some seeds fall into it from the feeder above it. I've been noticed the same kind of poop again but it's a little smaller this time. Exact same make up though.
Very dry and fibrous. Looks like it mostly eats grasses and seeds... ?

I am in Eastern TN and this animal is definitely nocturnal as the poop is always appears overnight. And obviously this animal likes BOSS.

Thanks a lot!

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What kind of wild animal poop is this at my feeder?-e4936faa4c113acd9af387648ee15ae1f505f5ef.jpg  

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No guesses at all?! lol
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Hey JustMe, I'm no expert, but I'd say it's still your opossum. There are a couple of web sites that mostly rule out other possibilities, like this one. One of our members has used a trail cam to catch this kind of activity; that was fun to see.
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I agree with benj. You're just getting thrown off by the size of the poops is all. Not a biggie.... little 'possums poop too!!!
If you wanna run your tastefully photographed turds by an expert.... you can send your photo to this guy, He's the Poop King!!!
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