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opossum Opossums: Survival Machines

Opossums: Survival Machines
Posted by Jason Bittel on 26 Jun 2012

What are Opossums? ‹ Bittel Me This
excerpt from above:
What the opossum lacks in swagger and grace, it more than makes up in grit. Truth be told, the opossum is a brick grit-house.
Exhibit A: Opossums are pretty much immune to snake venom.

And not just the neighborhood riffraff, like the eastern diamondback rattlesnake with which they have co-evolved. We’re talking timber rattlers, cottonmouths, Russell’s vipers and common Asiatic cobras. We know this because scientists rounded up a bunch of nasties and forced them to bite a bunch of unfortunate opossums, the latter of which responded like it was a mild bee sting.

Using high-pressure liquid chromatography, scientists then sought to identify what makes opossums so damned special. They found it to be a…
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