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Default Invasive Species Cost the Great Lakes Millions: New Paper Assigns Dollar Figure

Invasive Species Cost the Great Lakes Millions: New Paper Assigns Dollar Figure to Effects of Shipborne Invaders
Mar. 29, 2012

Invasive species cost the Great Lakes millions: New paper assigns dollar figure to effects of shipborne invaders
excerpt from above:
Although there has been growing recognition among researchers and policymakers that shipborne invasive species cause a considerable economic toll, this environmental problem often goes unaddressed because of the difficulty in quantifying annual impacts on ecosystem services.

However, a new paper by researchers from the University of Notre Dame, the University of Wyoming and the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands assigns a dollar figure on the cost to the Great Lakes from invasive species that originate in the ballast water of ocean-going vessels...
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Maybe now.... that this is out in the open and "we" the people can all get a good look see at the back end costs we're getting stuck with all so these international shippers can realize higher profits for them and their "stakeholders"... we'll start demanding something get done to get this beast off our tax paying backs. The new ballast water standards are a joke and so are the stall tactics of doing 1 study after the next after the next on alternatives to reversing the Illinois River to stop the carp. But then... maybe it won't matter whether we start demanding something be done because our politicians don't seem to listen to us and it sure does seem as if those in control are double H E hockeysticks bent on subsidizing the international freighters at tax payer expense. It's not like it's their $$$ getting blown to the wind and few of them will be up for re-election when the ecological damage from allowing the introduction of the carp to the Great Lakes starts surfacing.
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